Some helpful resources

Anne LedermanSome tunes…

Our own Anne Lederman has created some folders in the cloud with recordings of some classic Metis and Québécois tunes.  These folders are by invite only, so send Anne an email if you’d like access to these tunes.

A list…

There is a Québécois Trad Session in San Francisco, California, and they maintain a Yahoo Group where they post set lists (with per-song links to resources) for their sessions.  This list averages about 5 messages per month and is also invitation only.  To join, visit the QueTradSF Yahoo Group.

La Famille LégerA blog…

La Famille Léger are a band in Seattle Washington (US) that play the dance music of Québec and New Brunswick.  On their blog, you will find a wealth of recordings, videos and transcriptions of quite a few wonderful tunes.

For anybody looking to do a bit of exploring, it’s hard to go wrong here.  Check them out, and bring a musical snack to share next session.

À bientôt!


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