August session

This one is a bit more timely.  We are resolved to try and post the tunes-played list in the very same month as we played them!  For this month, at least. If there are no strenuous objections, in future we may only list the ones that are unusual or rarely played, since you can probably get a feel for the tunes we play regularly from the existing lists and from Rob’s great TUNE INDEX.

As always, if you can play ‘em, please do!

This month we raised $19.00 for the Tranzac Club. We will need to move the September session away from the 3rd Sunday, since both the regular hosts are out of town that day… again, unless there are strenuous objections?  You may object strenuously here:

At our August 19th session, we played the following tunes. Note that the linking may not work properly, but you can check it out on the All Tunes listing. The ones in bold we have not yet added to the All Tunes list.

  • La marche des géants (Brunet)
  • La fée des dents (Brunet), La marche au camp (Loyer), Le tourment (Loyer)
  • What we call Nicholas’ Breton tunes, for want of a better name…. one, and two … or maybe it was two and then one… I know they are played on the (most excellent IMHO) Heartwoodalbum.
  • 6/8 en ré (Alain), reel en ré (Alain)
  • Le saut du lapin
  • L’homme à deux femmes (2 versions). By the way, this a DANCE FIGURE, people! No scandals here.
  • Au bord de l’eau (Loyer)
  • Reel des esquimaux (croche, en sol)
  • Reel des indiens (G / E minor /C major)
  • L’ange aux patins(Méthé)
  • Valse Beaulieu (Gemme)
  • Reel minuit
  • Le releveur (Forest), reel Matawa(Foret) et ???  (A dorian reel)
  • 6/8 du petit Sarny (Favreau)
  • le set gourmand: Gâteau banane (in A) et Jos Louis (C major) (Bordeleau)
  • Le printemps(Verret????), reel St-Étienne (de Jarlis), Manitou cassé aka Lucky trapper (de Jarlis)
  • Two-step d’Armand
  • Champs de bleuets, Histoire de mon vieux coq (Mimeault), André à Toto
  • Joys of Quebec
  • La complainte du violon confesseur(Favreau)
  • Mont St-Louis (Monmarquette)
  • Set américain
  • Reel américain
  • Redbraid (Pickell) 6/8 et reel Korolenko (Loyer)

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