October session

The October session was quite a treat! In addition to our stalwart regulars, we were delighted to welcome Brian Pickell, renowned composer of some very beautiful tunes in the Ontario fiddle tradition.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming Anna, a new fiddle player from Anne Lederman’s trad music classes. Fiddles (even a 5-string), accordion, piano, flute, a tenor and regular guitar — lovely music!

As mentioned in a previous post, we will only post the newer tunes, the handy All Tunes list being available at all times for consultation. 2012-10-21 Emilyn & Anne singing for Brian

Here are the newer tunes we played this time:

  • ???? First tune on La tondeuse (Claude Méthé)
  • Valse en 5 (Claude Méthé)
  • Le fouin
  • La mignonne (Simon Riopel)
  • King of the lofts / Trade song (2 Métis reels)
  • Cheerful James (Brian Pickell)
  • Reel André (Marcel Messervier)
  • La chaîne des dames (André Alain)

We had a great time and were very pleased at the large turnout. We also raised a record amount for the Tranzac: $39.26! A fair bit of that was contributed by our audient, who also enjoyed himself.

Thanks, all, and see you in November!


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