November session and last night’s fun

IMAG0997Thank you to Edith for organising such a superb fundraising dance!  The music was fabulous and the caller (Jean-François Bethiaume, also of Réveillons!) got dancers of all ages and experience levels onto the dance floor and sharing in the fun. And the Dovercourt House is always a great venue.

The band was a real treat: our celebrated guest fiddler, Richard Forest from Réveillons!, was joined by Brian Pickell (guitar), Kate Murphy (piano), Peter Jellard (accordion) and Rob Rohr (fiddle). All the musicans and the donated their time and talents to help raise money to support a school and a music programme in Haiti.

A riotous good time was had by all the dancers, who numbered over 12 sets at one point in the evening! (That’s dancer-speak for “over 100 people dancing at the same time”.)

WP_000155Despite the transportation challenges caused by the annual Santa Claus Parade, a record number of attendees at the monthly session helped raise $55.00 for the Tranzac Club this month. We flocked in our thousands – well, OK, there were 16 of us who came out – and played until about 4:30. We even had an audient or two.

Richard and Jean-François brought new tunes to the mix, as did our newest local member, Malcolm. Welcome! We particularly enjoyed your playing of le reel des éboulements and le reel Issoudoun.

WP_000158Newer or less-frequent tunes from this session:

  • la ronfleuse Wilfred, and the one before it
  • les patins à Pauline
  • Louis Cyr
  • la reel Béatrice (in A) followed by Pointe-au-pic
    (in C)
  • le reel minuit (Joseph Allard)
  • le reel de Louis Gagnon
  • Concordia
  • La pluie de la St-Jean (Claude Méthé)
  • La ronfleuse Gobeil
  • that Édouard Richard tune (somebody must have a name for for it!)
  • la reel à Sophie d’Édouard Richard (merci, Richard, pour cette belle toune!)
  • WP_000157Ici et maintenant (encore une fois, merci, Richard)
  • Jos Bouchard (Thérèse Rioux)
  • le reel du Mal de dos
  • Richard Forest tunes!  Mattawa, Montebello

Remember these upcoming events:


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