January session: « Bonjour les accordéons ! » and new year’s resolutions

Thank you for everyone who showed up for the first session of the year!WP_000227

It started out a bit slowly, which turned out to be a good thing because – out came the accordions!

Both Elizabeth and Rob broke out their boxes for the very first time, playing some very fetching accordion duets! Elizabeth has been a closet accordion player for some time now, apparently. (She may find she has more room for the bellows, now!). Rob’s accordion was his big “Cyber Monday” purchase this past November. He says: “At least it slows me down!”.

2013-01 Edith with fiddleOf course, the were a number of other instruments, as well — notably fiddles!  Welcome to Tim, who came for the first time, and welcome back to all the regulars who came, well, back. It was great to see you all!

There was some discussion about learning tunes this year. Rob suggested “A Year of Claude”, since Claude Méthé e-mailed him a new composition on New Year’s Day. It seem like a good omen.

Anne suggested that this would be a great year to learn some Métis tunes, partly to support the Idle No More movement, and mostly because they are such great tune!

Who could choose between these fabulous options? Not us — we ambitiously chose to do both!

Yes, it will be A Year of Claude Métis!  Rob will contribute the Claude tunes, Anne the Métis tunes, and we will all try very hard to learn one of each every month. Deal?  We’ll put a page up or link it to the All Tunes page of this blog. We’ll post an announcement when it’s been done.

Bonne année !


One comment on “January session: « Bonjour les accordéons ! » and new year’s resolutions

  1. Hey! RobnDonna! Nice posting.
    Can you also send out the Genticorum events info? I sent it to you last week. Merci! -elizabeth

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