April 20 concert: Eh?!

Collaborative fiddle trio Eh? is returning to Toronto for a concert on Saturday, April 20. The show starts at 7:30pm a the Donway Covenant United Church ($20 for adults, and $12 for seniors and students. Free parking).

Eh?! blends Canadian fiddle traditions (Québécois, Métis, Irish, Cape Breton, Newfoundland, Ontario and original compositions) and explores them through various lenses, focusing on tradition, innovation, collaboration and improvisation. They play a wide variety of instruments, including 4 and 5-string fiddles, voices, piano, accordion, mandolins, guitars, viola, kalimba, percussion and feet.

Because the collaboration is rooted in improvisation, and the three members of the band are multi-instrumentalists and singers, literally anything can happen. No two shows are ever the same!

Eh?! features

  • Emilyn Stam, a talented young fiddle player and pianist, a protégée of the late Oliver Schroer who has worked with many well-known players and groups, including the Lemon Bucket Orchestra. She has written and recorded many compositions, including those featured on her first album, Holding Time.
  • James Stephens, a well-known performer and recording engineer, focuses primarily although not exclusively on stringed instruments. A veteran of several successful collaborations, James also plays with the Brian Pickell Band, Jiig, Écosse and a number of other projects.
  • Anne Lederman, internationally acclaimed fiddler, composer multi-instrumentalist and ethnomusicologist, Anne’s roots run deep into several musical traditions, including Celtic, Métis, French-Canadian, Klezmer, Balkan and African music. She is a sought-after teacher and performs regularly both as a solo performer and as a member of a wide variety of musical groups.

To listen to samples of the band playing, press the Play button (at the very top of the screen on the very top of their bio page). You will hear Pitou, Trip to Chelsea, Reilly Boys (song) and No Hands, a mixture of original compositions and traditional pieces, all of which feature the unique improvisational collaboration of this remarkable trio.


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