Upcoming events: October and November

Laura Risk

Laura Risk

As almost always when we get together with this dynamic group of people for a session, we have some things to mention:

  • First off, a HUGE congratulations to Elizabeth on the birth of her first grandchild, Aurora, in Budapest, Hungary, last week.
  • Next, kudos to Joan for completing her first half-marathon today, with a blazing 3 hours and 27 minutes. Sadly, Ms. Weed was indisposed for today’s session.
  • Next weekend, there are several events of interest to Québécois music afficianados:
  • Sunday, November 3rd, the Brian Pickell Band is appearing at Claude Church for one of their memorable Parlour Concerts. Tickets now available online.
  • Saturday, November 9th, Dan Gorno is returning to Toronto to call a contradance at St. Barnabas featuring an exciting young band: Benoit Schryer-Lefebvre, Colin Savoie-Levac and Toronto’s own Eli Howard.
  • Saturday, November 16, Edith is organising another of her fabulous Québécois dances with Richard Forest, Peter Jellard, Rob Rohr and Kate Murphy. Dovercourt House, 7:30 pm. More information available on facebook.
Gemme Falquet

Pascal Gemme & Yann Falquet

That’s a lot of stuff in the next little while! We will post more details about the workshops next weekend, but if you want information sooner than that, please e-mail us at toqetrad@gmail.com.


Rob and Donna


2 comments on “Upcoming events: October and November

  1. HI ROb/Donna: SOrry I couldn’t make it today, I hope the session went well. . .. so this is a different dance than Edith’s.. Do you know if Marie-Soleil taking her own registrations for the workshops?


    • We missed you!

      Marie-Soleil is teaching squares and then calling a dance. I suspect you can book it through her or through TCD, who are running both the dance and the workshop. We are organising (we hope!) some workshops for the weekend (fiddle, Pascal & Laura; guitar, Yann; dance, Marie-Soleil — if we can find a venue). We are having trouble finding out the times that suit, though, and we are QUICKLY running out of time ourselves for any organising-type behaviour… !

      So, there are two dances: the one with M-S this weekend, and Edith’s dance on November 16th. And few should miss any dance with Dan Gorno!!! He is an awesome caller and so much fun!

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