Upcoming events: October and November

Laura Risk

Laura Risk

As almost always when we get together with this dynamic group of people for a session, we have some things to mention:

  • First off, a HUGE congratulations to Elizabeth on the birth of her first grandchild, Aurora, in Budapest, Hungary, last week.
  • Next, kudos to Joan for completing her first half-marathon today, with a blazing 3 hours and 27 minutes. Sadly, Ms. Weed was indisposed for today’s session.
  • Next weekend, there are several events of interest to Québécois music afficianados:
  • Sunday, November 3rd, the Brian Pickell Band is appearing at Claude Church for one of their memorable Parlour Concerts. Tickets now available online.
  • Saturday, November 9th, Dan Gorno is returning to Toronto to call a contradance at St. Barnabas featuring an exciting young band: Benoit Schryer-Lefebvre, Colin Savoie-Levac and Toronto’s own Eli Howard.
  • Saturday, November 16, Edith is organising another of her fabulous Québécois dances with Richard Forest, Peter Jellard, Rob Rohr and Kate Murphy. Dovercourt House, 7:30 pm. More information available on facebook.
Gemme Falquet

Pascal Gemme & Yann Falquet

That’s a lot of stuff in the next little while! We will post more details about the workshops next weekend, but if you want information sooner than that, please e-mail us at toqetrad@gmail.com.


Rob and Donna


Middle of May: Workshops with Pascal Gemme, Laura Risk, and World Fiddle Day. Wow!

Pascal Gemme from Genticorum will be in town on May 18-19, and is offering some all-instrument workshops in Québécois music at our house, in the east end of Toronto (Main & Gerrard area).
Come learn some tunes!

PascalSchedule for the weekend workshops with Pascal Gemme

Saturday, May 18

  • Workshop from 2:30 to 5:00 pm
  • Potluck supper starting at about 6:00 pm, followed by an open session

Sunday, May 19

  • Potluck brunch from 10:00 to 11:30 am
  • Workshop from 11:30 to 2:00 pm

Registration and venue

The workshops are $30.00 each ($60.00 for the weekend). You can register by emailing us at toquetrad@gmail.com: we’ll reserve your spot and send you our address and directions. Please note that space is limited (we have about 15 spots available), so if you register there is one fewer place for other musicians. You would be expected to pay even if something comes up at the last minute to prevent you from coming. 

You can also e-mail us for directions to attend the Saturday potluck or session. All events are BYOB.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Conflict with the monthly session

Unfortunately, due to Pascal’s heavy touring schedule the only weekend he had available is also the weekend of our monthly session. There will NOT be a session at the Tranzac in May. Instead, the session will be the previous (Saturday 18th) evening at our home.  See schedule above.

Conflict with World Fiddle Day

Anne Lederman is organising an event for World Fiddle Day, which unfortunately falls on the Saturday of the workshop we are offering. Please e-mail anne.lederman@gmail.com if you would like information about her Around the World fiddling event at Howard Park Emmanuel United Church (corner of Wright and Roncesvalles) from 1 to 5 pm. All stringed instruments are welcome. Sheet music is available.

laura_greenMidweek workshop with Laura Risk

Renowned Montreal fiddler, Laura Risk, will be passing through Toronto on Wednesday, May 22nd, and is also interested in offering a workshop of Quebecois or Scottish fiddling pending sufficient interest.

The workshop is on the evening of Wednesday, May 22nd, in the St. Clair and Bathurst area of Toronto, and will cost $30 per person.  Please email toquetrad@gmail.com if you are interested.

Laura Risk is extremely well regarded as a teacher and touring fiddler with the group Triptych.  Workshop focus will depend upon the interest of the attendees.  Come learn from another extremely knowledgeable and skilled Quebecois fiddler.

This workshop is a great addition to the programs being offered by Pascal and Anne Lederman the previous weekend, and a great opportunity to learn some tunes should you decide to travel over the holiday weekend and miss World Fiddle Day and Pascal’s workshops and session.

May is an extremely busy month, so come on out and get your fingers flying!

Feb 7 to 10: Genticorum en Ontario!

Genticorum2011Great friends of ours and of the TOqueTrad sessions, Québécois group Genticorum will be touring Ontario early in February. Session regulars are organising two of the events (details below).

First, the tour dates, which are:

On Friday, February 8, Peter and Anne-Marie have agreed to host a house concert in the newly-renovated Hallam Street Concert Hall (aka their living room). Those of you who attended Genticorum’s last house concert on Hallam Street may be interested to know that this is the first post-renovation concert they are hosting. The preparations, in a word, have been extensive!

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May session

I’m still getting the hang of Canadian holidays, so it’s no surprise that the May session occurred on the long weekend of Victoria Day, but despite that we still had 10 hardy souls neglect their gardens or cottages for one more day so they could come out and play some lively tunes.  And play we most certainly did!  Forty-some-odd tunes in 2 hours 45 minutes, not that this is some sort of competition.

Here’s the list:

Once I find sources for these, I’ll link the tune names and update the full TOQueTrad session tune list as well.

The next session will be Sunday, June 15, 2012 at the Tranzac Club from 12:00 – 3:00 PM.  J’ai hâte à te voir!

À bientôt!

April session

Sure enough, I am extremely tardy putting up the tune list for the April 2012 TOQueTrad session, but it was a good session and we got some good work done on learning a few tunes and hammered out some piano accompaniments for others.

As this session preceded the CD release party for Métis Fiddler Quartet’s new album, there was a better representation of Métis tunes this time.

As always, you can check out the comprehensive Tune List to check out the Toronto session repertoire.

March session

Thanks to everybody who came out on such a beautiful afternoon for the March session this past Sunday.  We ran a recording of the session, and will post links to clips once they are available.

…at which point the rooster alarm crew, and all was over until next month.  Next session is April 15th, 12:00 noon at the Tranzac Club (map).  After the next series of dates is confirmed, I will send an email to the list and update the calendar in the blog sidebar.

As always, the full TOQueTrad session tune list, with links, is available.

À bientôt!

News flash: Workshops this Wednesday!

Genticorum credit Thom C in Flickr
Thanks to Thom C at Flickr for releasing this image under a creative commons license!

The band, Genticorum is touring the area this week, and their Wednesday gigs fell through, so they are available to us for workshops on Wednesday evening in the East End of Toronto.  The band members have graciously offered to provide simultaneous fiddle, flute and guitar workshops two days from now for anybody wishing to learn Québécois tunes and techniques.  Not just incredibly talented, these gentlemen are excellent teachers and wonderfully nice people.

Fiddle/Flute/Guitar Workshops with Genticorum

COST: $25/person
WHEN: Wednesday evening, March 21, 2012 — 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
WHERE: Main & Gerrard, in the east end of Toronto

How to register

Contact Rob Rohr
at toquetrad@gmail.com or 647-704-8642 to place a reservation and get information on workshop locations.  Please specify which workshop (fiddle, flute or guitar) and how many spots required when reserving.

About the band


Alex de Grosbois-Garand (Flute)
Yann Falquet (Guitar)
Pascal Gemme (Fiddle)

Genticorum are fast becoming one of the most sought-after proponents of Quebecois musical culture, firmly rooted in the soil of their native land. The energetic and original traditional ‘power trio’ also incorporates the dynamism of todays North American and European folk cultures in their music. Weaving wooden flute, fiddle, acoustic guitar, jaw harp, bass, foot percussion with strong vocal harmonies, they produce a brilliant tapestry which gives them their distinctive sound.

Since their debut in 2000, Genticorum have forged a solid place on the folk festival circuit, playing concerts and dances throughout Canada, the US, the UK and Australia.

Genticorum won a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2005 for their second album Malins Plaisirs, as well as for their third album, La Bibournoise, 2008, both with the Roues et Archets label.  Genticorum has just released a fourth album on the same label, Nagez Rameurs.

À bientôt,

Email: toquetrad@gmail.com

February’s session

Sorry, it’s a bit late!  Voilà, the tune list for the February 19th,2012 session of TOqueTrad.



Jump to: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z – Sources

Title Type Key Author Source


Reel André Marcel Messervier
André à Toto Reel Amix/G Trad Youtube
Hommage à André Alain AKA Chaîne de dames


La cotillon de la Baie-des-rochers AKA Déshabille-toi
La cotillon de la Baie-Ste-Catherine Reel Emin/G Trad Identitairs
La danse du barbier Gigue G Trad Identitairs
Reel des barguineux Reel Bb Trad (Famille Verret)
Reel Béatrice Reel Amin/C Trad Identitairs
Valse beaulieu Waltz G Pascal Gemme blog tradquebec
Beeswax Sheepskin Reel A mix Trad Youtube – Treacherous Orchestra; also tradquebec.over-blog.com
La belle aurore Air G André Brunet Youtube – André Brunet, Martine Billette
La belle Catherine Reel D Trad Identitairs
La bellechasse AKA Reel St-Joseph
Reel Beloeil Reel D Trad Naomi Morse on “Splendid Isolation”
Big John MacNeil Reel A Trad Youtube – Johnny Mooring
Bord de l’eau Reel G Jean-Paul Loyer CD – OJNAB, Le messager
Reel des bottes sauvages AKA Reel du semeur
Boucher de St-Ambroise 6/8 D André Brunet thesession.org
Le bûcheron Reel D Ned Landry Identitairs; also tradquebec.over-blog.com as “soupe aux pois”
Burnt River Jig 6/8 D Brian Pickell Second tune in this medley (Fresh Canadian Fiddle Tunes)


Cache tes fesses AKA La danse du barbier
La Marche au camp 6/8 G (orig F) Jean-Paul Loyer Identitairs
Reel Cap Chat Reel D Trad Youtube – Pascal Gemme workshop
Reel à Célina Reel G Trad thesession.org
Chaîne des dames Reel G André Alain? thesession.org
Champs des bleuets Reel A/Amix Trad Identitairs
Cheerful James Brian Pickell
Ciel d’automne Air D André Brunet Identitairs
Les cinq jumelles Reel D/G Trad Identitairs
La complainte du folkloriste Waltz Emin Philippe Bruneau Youtube of/by author
Coq du pêcheur rep. of Daniel Roy


Dédicado à Jos Reel Bmin/D Martin Racine Identitairs
Déshabille-toi AKA La danse du barbier
The Dionne Reel AKA Les cinq jumelles


Reel des esquimaux (crooked) Reel G Trad Danse ce soir
Reel des esquimaux (straight) Reel G Trad Identitairs & Danse ce soir
Reel Eugène Reel Bmin/D Trad Identitairs


La fée des dents 6/8 G André Brunet Identitairs
Gigue du forgeron 6/8 D Trad, rep. A Allard Identitairs


Marche des géants 6/8 G Trad, rep. frères Brunet Identitairs
Hommage à Gilles Laprise Reel D Phillipe Bruneau Identitairs
La Grondeuse Gigue D Trad Identitairs
La guenille Reel G Marcel Messervier Youtube – cherzeduKbec


L’histoire de mon vieux coq Reel G Yvon Mimeault Youtube – André Brunet, Martine Billete @ Goderich; also Identitairs
L’homme à deux femmes Reel D Trad Youtube – Alexis Chartrand for gigue workshop


Reel Iroquois Reel D Trad
Reel d’Issoudun Reel A Trad Identitairs


Jeff’s Tune Reel Émile Benoit
Reel Joe Cormier Reel A mix Trad Identitairs
Valse des jouets Waltz D Michel Faubert Identitairs


Le Korolenko (jig) 6/8 G Jean-Paul Loyer Identitairs
Le Korolenko (reel) Reel G Jean-Paul Loyer thesession.org


La quadrille des Laurentides Reel D rep. of Isidore Soucy Youtube – Lisa Ornstein
Liberty AKA Reel de Ti-Jean


MacDonald’s reel AKA Reel Joe Cormier
Gigue à maede Gigue rep. of Éric Favreau
Maison de glace Air D/B min Réjean Brunet Identitairs; Youtube
Galope de la Malbaie Reel D Trad Identitairs
Reel Maisonneuve Reel G rep. of Joseph Allard Library & Archives Canada
Manitou cassé Reel D Andy Dejarlis Dent-de-lion CD “Les beaux yeux bleus” Tr. 7
Meech Lake Breakdown Reel Émile Benoit
La mignonne Simon Riopel
Reel M. Mimeault Reel D rep. of Yvon Mimeault Youtube – Simon Lepage
Mlle McLeod Reel G Trad blog: Fiddling Demystified (specifically, Acadian ver)
Mon père a 29 poules Reel ? rep. of Pascal Gemme actual tune name unknown
Reel Mont-Joli? Yvon Mimeault
Marche du Mont-St-Louis March D Alfred Montmarquette Identitairs
Montebello Richard Forest
Mouth of the Tobique Reel G Trad. Identitairs



Old French Reel A mix/D Trad Identitairs; also tradquebec.over-blog.com


Par derrière chez ma tante Song Trad
Valse pour Patrick Waltz D Lisa Ornstein Youtube – Festival Memoire et Racines, 2011
Reel du père Bruneau Reel D Lorenzo Picard Identitairs (AKA Hommage à Philippe Bruneau)
Le petit bûcheux Reel D Trad CD “Chic en swell” by La Bottine Souriante, tr 9.
Gigue du petit Sarny 6/8 G Éric Favreau Identitairs
Hommage à Philippe Bruneau Waltz D Guy Loyer Identitairs
La pluie de la St-Jean Reel G Claude Méthé
Valse des poêles Waltz A Simon Riopel blog tradquebec
Pointe-au-pic Reel C/A min Trad Identitairs
Le pôteau blanc Reel A Trad (rep. Joseph Allard) Identitairs
Le printemps Reel D/B dor André Brunet Youtube – Les frères Brunet @ Chants de vielles


Waltz quadrille Waltz D rep. of Walter Flett Youtube – Ruby John @ Brethern Music Fest
Gigue à quatorze ???
La Marche du quêteux Pomerleau March G Trad Youtube – A Brunet & M Billette @ Goderich


Red Braid Jig G Brian Pickell
Red Island Reel Reel Émile Benoit
6/8 en 6/8 D André Alain tradquebec.over-blog.com
Reel en ré Reel D André Alain
Le releveur Reel Emin/G Richard Forest thesession.org
Le rencontre des dames Jig Amin/F rep. Jules Verret Danse ce soir
Reel à répondre Reel D rep. of frères Brunet Identitairs
La rêve du quêteux Tremblay Reel F rep. of André Alain Identitairs
La robe de la mariée Reel D Jean-Paul Loyer Youtube – Peter Kratoska, Princeton Trad Music Fest
Le ruisseau français Reel D André Brunet Youtube – Camp Violon Trad Québec @ Joliette
Rambler’s Hornpipe AKA Old French


Reel de Ste-Anne Reel D Trad (Joseph Allard?) Identitairs
Reel St-Antoine Reel A Trad Identitairs
Reel St-Côme 1 Brandy A/G Trad Youtube; André Brunet at Goderich
Reel St-Côme 2 Brandy G Trad Youtube; André Brunet at Goderich
Reel St-Côme 3 Reel D Trad Youtube – Camp Violon Trad Québec in Rawdon
Reel St-Côme 4 Reel A Trad Youtube – Camp Violon Trad Québec in Rawdon
Reel St-Étienne Reel D Trad Identitairs
Reel St-Jean Reel Bmin/D Trad Identitairs
Reel St-Joseph Reel D Trad Identitairs; also Virtual Gramophone of Joseph Allard; also tradquebec.overblog.com
La sauvagesse Reel A Trad Identitairs
Reel du semeur Reel D Trad Identitairs; also tradquebec.overblog.com
6/8 en sol Jig G Trad, rep. Eric Corrigan Identitairs
Reel à Sophie Reel A Édouard Richard Pandora
La soupe aux pois AKA Le bûcheron
Sourgrass & granite Walz D Brian Pickell


Le talencourt Reel D (C?) Trad Identitairs
Reel de Ti-Jean Reel D Trad Youtube – Vi Wickam
Reel Ti-Mé Reel D Marcel Messervier Youtube – Robert Boutet; also Identitairs
Reel des ti-minous Reel G Trad Identitairs
Step à Ti-Phonse Reel G Trad Youtube, Identitairs
Le tourment 6/8 G (orig C) Jean-Paul Loyer Identitairs



Valcartier AKA 6/8 en sol
Reel Valleyfield Reel D Trad Identitairs
Vieux cotillon de l’an premier Reel D Avila Leblanc blog Leger
Vieux cotillon des Iles Reel D Avila Leblanc blog Leger, also Identitairs as Cotillon d’Avila Leblanc


Ronfleuse Wilfred CD “Reel à deux” d’Éric Favreau et Mario Landry
Woodchopper’s Reel AKA Le bûcheron




Danse ce soir
La Famille Léger blog
Fiddling Demystified

Tunes to be added:

  • Quatre fers en l’air
  • La grande gigue simple (de Québec)
  • Jesse’s waltz (by Marcel Messervier, from the playing of Stéphane Landry)
  • La grand gigue du père Richard (Entourloupe)
  • 6/8 des éclusiers André Brunet
  • La ronfleuse Wilfred / les noces d’argent /
  • Reel américain
  • Spandy (Éric Favreau)
  • une valse de Philippe Bruneau (on pense)
  • 6/8 petite Sarny (Éric Favreau) / Valcartier (Keith Corrigan)
  • Reel des indiens d’Isidor Souci (in G-major)
  • Nicholas’ Breton tunes
  • Le saut du lapin
  • L’ange aux patins (Méthé)
  • Reel minuit
  • reel Matawa (Foret) et Montebello (A dorian reel) played after le releveur
  • Le printemps (Verret????),
  • Two-step d’Armand
  • Joys of Quebec
  • La complainte du violon confesseur (Favreau)
  • Set américain
  • Reel américain
  • King of the lofts (Métis)
  • Trade song (Métis)
  • Reel des éboulements
  • Valse en 5 (Claude Méthé) and the first tune on the album La tondeuse
  • Reel des copeaux de bois
  • La Terrebonne
  • Ici et maintenant (encore une fois, merci, Richard)
  • le reel du Mal de dos
  • le reel de Louis Gagnon
  • Concordia
  • les patins à Pauline
  • La ronfleuse Gobeil
  • Jos Bouchard (Thérèse Rioux)

Some helpful resources

Anne LedermanSome tunes…

Our own Anne Lederman has created some folders in the cloud with recordings of some classic Metis and Québécois tunes.  These folders are by invite only, so send Anne an email if you’d like access to these tunes.

A list…

There is a Québécois Trad Session in San Francisco, California, and they maintain a Yahoo Group where they post set lists (with per-song links to resources) for their sessions.  This list averages about 5 messages per month and is also invitation only.  To join, visit the QueTradSF Yahoo Group.

La Famille LégerA blog…

La Famille Léger are a band in Seattle Washington (US) that play the dance music of Québec and New Brunswick.  On their blog, you will find a wealth of recordings, videos and transcriptions of quite a few wonderful tunes.

For anybody looking to do a bit of exploring, it’s hard to go wrong here.  Check them out, and bring a musical snack to share next session.

À bientôt!